Care-giver study

Examining changes in psychological health of caregivers associated with functional status improvement and neuropsychiatric symptoms prevalence in aneurysm patients

Burden of care for ruptured aneurysm patients is heavy, especially in the acute phases of rupture. It involves several facets that augment emotional, mental, economic and social stressors. Caregivers are often immediate family, and therefore, have no experience or training handling their relatives declining health, which may increase the susceptibility to depression and anxiety. Burden of care involved in traumatic brain injury has been investigated in terms of stroke and dementia patients; however, little literature exists on aneurysm patients. This study aims to correlate the change in psychological health of caregivers, defined as individuals related to and residing with the patient, with the improvement in functional status and prevalence of neuropsychiatric symptoms in aneurysm patients, both ruptured and unruptured. 


Psychology Undergraduate Student

Paige is currently a psychology undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, and the Research Assistant managing the 'caregiver' study.

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